POW! - One Eyed Scorpion 7" EP

Image of POW! - One Eyed Scorpion 7" EP



Hot on the heels of their High-Tech Boom LP, space rockers POW! deliver more of the same: sneering vocals, wriggling keyboard lines and stinging fuzz guitars. A-side "One Eyed Scorpion" writhes and squirms before transforming into a full-on synth meltdown, all while being propelled by singer Byron Blum's agitated Eno-isms. The songs on the flip burn with proto-punk inspired misanthropy, complete with the primordial rhythms that SIMPLY SAUCER and NERVOUS GENDER once supplied. Like their Castle Face debut, the tracks here show a band seething over the state of their city. Lucky for us, they're still channeling that anger into enduring punk anthems.

Mastered by Mikey Young of TOTAL CONTROL.

Download card included.
Crystal Blue vinyl limited to 300


1.) One Eyed Scorpion
2.) The Punisher
3.) Fight Fire
4.) Hangin' Out (At Home)