DANCER - Bitchin' Heat 7"

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Bay Area power pop outfit DANCER have a new single and, like the other ones, it’s a swaggering, boys’ night out affair. Together, songwriter Dee Dee Robbins and his gang have cultivated a sound that’s both tough and tender – equal parts JOHNNY THUNDERS and MILK N' COOKIES. Like most good bands in the genre, DANCER are shambolic performers, but play with enough pluck to command your attention. The group’s specialty -- tart, but tasteful harmonies – make their hook-filled melodies all the more delectable. “Bitchin’ Heat” is the most immediate of the bunch, but “Heart Failure” is the one you’ll revisit indefinitely.

Total press limited to 250.


1) Bitchin' Heat
2) Heart Failure
3) Eat & Run